Electric Parlor

Based out of Los Angeles, ELECTRIC PARLOR takes pride in creating music that has an honest, raw, and live feel to it, relatable to music fans all over the world.  They are inspired by the past, and the lessons they have learned from years of listening to the forefathers of Rock 'n' Roll. It never will die, it is certainly alive and well and ELECTRIC PARLOR wants to be apart of the ongoing evolution of it.


Vocals / Erika Renee
Guitars / Kris Farr
Bass / Josh Fell
Drums / Zachary Huling


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Electric Parlor


Fall 2015/Winter 2016

Woodystock Blues Festival October 10 & 11, 2015 Apple Valley, CA

The Crest Bar             October 16, 2015       Temple City, CA

Lot 1 Cafe                November 12,2015       Los Angeles, CA

Lot 1 Cafe                November 21,2015       Los Angeles, CA

The Old Towne Pub         November 29,2015       Pasadena,    CA

The Silver Dollar SaloonDecember 8, 2015       El Monte,      CA

Stonefest 2015            December 20,2015       Montebello,  CA

The Old Towne Pub         December 23, 2015      Pasadena,    CA

Til-Two Club              January4, 2016         San Diego,   CA

Lot 1 Cafe                January 22, 2016       Los Angeles, CA

Loaded                    January 29, 2016       Hollywood,   CA

WC Fest                   February 6, 2016       Montebello,  CA

The Old Towne Pub         February 25,2016       Pasadena,    CA

Harold's Place            March    4, 2016       San Pedro,   CA

5 Star Bar                March   18, 2016       Los Angeles, CA

Rusty's Surf Ranch        April 14, 2016         Santa Monica, CA

Silver Dollar Saloon      April 14, 2016         El Monte, CA

Que Sera                  April 20, 2016         Long Beach, CA

Spyder Surf Fest          April 23, 2016         Hermosa Beach Pier, CA

Last Battle


Directed by Chris Phelps - cinephelps.com

Edited by Kevin Soto - kevinsotoproductions.com


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